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Phoenix Feathers is a small, home-based breeder of conures, cockatiels, African Grey parrots, and macaws. We currently specialize in several color varieties of green cheeks, crimson bellied conures, black capped conures, and macaws. African Grey parrots were added to the flock in August of 2020, and Eclectus came to us in 2022.

Phoenix Feathers acquired AZ Parrots in June of 2022. Dee & Gerry Kennedy spent decades breeding and hand raising parrots. They worked tirelessly to make sure each of their babies went to the best home possible. Gerry passed away in late 2019 and Dee began winding down the business as she prepared to retire. After some conversations, we offered to buy what remained. We wish Dee all the best, and thank her for trusting us with the legacy that she & Gerry built. The old AZ Parrots website is archived here ——>
AZ Parrots.

Please check this page to see a list of what we breed —>

We strive for quality over quantity. We don't force our pairs to breed by manipulating the light, temperature, or the abundance of food, and we limit the number of clutches they can produce each year. With this in mind, our availability fluctuates. Some pairs breed early in the year, some breed later. A few pairs regulate themselves and give us two or three clutches spread out over the course of the breeding season. All of our chicks are hand-fed and fully weaned. We make sure they are socialized with people, and taught some basic skills before they leave for their forever home.

We are not a physical store. For their health, safety, and security we cannot allow visitors to see our breeding flock. We may allow visitation of chicks prior to purchase, or when the chick is weaned and ready to go home with you.

Please check the
FAQ page for details about shipping and our purchase policy.

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Baby Cockatiel

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Red Fronted Macaws

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Freya - Green-winged Macaw - Hatched October 11, 2020

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Yellow Sided Green Cheek & Sun Cheek Green Cheek

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Yellow Sided Turquoise Green Cheek Conures

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High Red Pineapple Green Cheek Conures

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Boo-Boo, the Buffon's Macaw

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Penny Pickle, a Red Fronted Macaw

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Chichi, a Harlequin Macaw. Hatched 8/28/2021

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Yoli & Kai - Baby Red Fronted Macaws - February 2021

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