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Research before you buy! We encourage every person who is interested in a bird to research and learn as much as they can before making their decision to purchase. Birds can be demanding, loud, and messy. They are also sensitive, feeling, and very intelligent. While you may have your heart set on a particular type of bird it may turn out that it is not the best fit for your lifestyle or family, or your lifestyle and family may not be the best fit for that particular bird. If you cannot provide for the physical and emotional needs of a bird, then they are not the right pet for you. We discourage the giving of birds as gifts unless the recipient is involved in the experience.

Please review the health guarantee below. It applies to
ALL birds that we sell.

Phoenix Feathers guarantees that, at the time of purchase, the bird(s) being purchased are in good health.

We encourage you to have the bird(s) examined by a Certified Avian Veterinarian within 3 days (72 hours) of picking up your bird, or, if the bird is shipped to you, from the time it arrives at your destination. Vets book in advance, so we recommend that you schedule the appointment prior to picking up your bird, or having it shipped.

If your Avian Veterinarian determines the bird(s) to have a major health problem, please return the bird(s), along with the veterinarian’s statement to Phoenix Feathers.  Any lab tests done by the Vet must be performed within the 72 hour window. We understand that the results of these tests may not be available until after the 72 hour period. As long as the tests have been performed within the 72 hour window, the guarantee will be honored.

If problems are found, at our discretion, the bird or birds, will be replaced with one of equal value when one becomes available, or we will refund the purchase price paid for the bird(s). Shipping expenses are not refundable.

In the event that your bird(s) would die within the first 72 hours of purchase,  an Accredited Avian Vet must perform a necropsy to determine the cause of death. The necropsy report can take more than a week. A statement from the vet, and photographs of the deceased bird must be submitted to Phoenix Feathers within 7 days. The necropsy report must be submitted when it is received.

No warranty is expressed or implied in the case of human negligence, night frights, or injury caused by other birds or pets within the household. As with any living animal, fear, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, exposure to extreme heat or cold, and other forms of stress can make a bird susceptible to illness. These factors can potentially cause diarrhea, respiratory infection, and a variety of other illnesses.  Exposure to cigarette smoke, or other household toxins can quickly kill a bird. Due to these factors which are outside of our control once the bird leaves our possession, the guarantee is limited to 72 hours. We encourage you to review the
FAQ pages on this site for more information on bird safety.

Phoenix Feathers takes pride in breeding quality, healthy birds. The parents are disease tested when they arrive and are quarantined from the rest of our breeding flock until the testing results are returned. We limit the number of times our pairs may breed each year, and prefer to produce quality birds over quantity.

If you choose not to have your bird(s) seen by an accredited avian vet within 72 hours of arrival, then the guarantee is null and void, and you assume all liability for the health of the bird. Phoenix Feathers assumes no liability or responsibility for
any veterinary expenses incurred, or the expense of shipping the bird back.

This section applies specifically to Macaws, African Greys, and Eclectus Parrots:

We do not place metal leg bands on our birds. Macaws, African Greys, and Eclectus Parrot chicks will receive a temporary colored plastic leg band when DNA testing is done. This allows us to match the bird with the DNA results. All Macaws, African Grey, and Eclectus Parrots have a wellness check by a certified avian vet, and have a microchip implanted prior to leaving our care. When the bird is turned over to you, you will receive a copy of the vet report and the information to register the microchip. This is our guarantee that your bird is as healthy as possible when it leaves our care. Shipping can be stressful and a stressed bird can easily get sick. If your bird is being shipped to you, we encourage you to have an additional wellness exam done within 72 hours of arrival.

Phoenix Feathers assumes no liability or responsibility for
any veterinary expenses incurred, or the expense of shipping the bird back.

Phoenix Feathers recommends the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital for all of your exotic pets medical needs. They have offices in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson. Many of the Doctors are either avian certified, or very knowledgeable about avian husbandry. You can find them here -

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