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Black Capped Conure - Pyrrhura Rupicola

Also known as the black-capped parakeet or rock conure in aviculture, is a parrot native to the south-western Amazon Basin and adjacent east Andean slopes in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. They were once considered a sub species of the Green Cheek Conure. They are listed as "Near Threatened" by the IUCN.

Adults are mostly green in color with a dark brown-black cap. Feathers around the eyes are a dark yellow color and the beaks are black. The neck and breast are covered with dark feathers trimmed in white that produces a scale or scalloped effect. Juvenile bids are colored like adults, but the colors are dull and will brighten with age.
There are two varieties of the Black Capped Conure. The regular, and the opaline or Voren's Strain.

We've placed the opaline male black capped with a normal female. This should give us normal males, and opaline female chicks when they start breeding.

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