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Cockatiel - Nymphicus Hollandicus

A local breeder is slowly acquiring our flock from us and once they are gone we will no longer breed cockatiels.

The smallest member of the Cockatoo family found in Australia. These little ones make great pets and are second in popularity only to parakeets or budgies.

Unlike most other parrots, and depending on the color, adult males and females are usually easily distinguished. Males have brighter patches on their face, and are vocally louder. This doesn't apply to the white-faced variety as both sexes can be pure white. You may hear that males are the only ones that talk, but that is not necessarily true. In the wild, female cockatiels spend a lot of time in the nest, or taking care of their chicks. They aren't as vocal as males because they don't want to attract predators. As pets, female cockatiels can, and do talk, but not as often as male birds, and not as loud.

Our cockatiel breeding season runs from November to May or June depending on the heat.

All of our baby cockatiels go to Tropic Zone Exotic Bird Store. You will need to check with them directly for availability. Their number is 602-493-7387

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