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Green Cheek Conure - Pyrrhura Molinae

A small New World parrot, also called the Green Cheeked Parakeet. They are native to South America, and are typically found in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay. They are typically 10 inches long from the head to the tip of the tail. The body is mostly green with a black, brown, and grey head. They have white rings around the eyes. The primary flight feathers are blue, the abdomen is red, and the tail is usually a maroon or dark red color. Green Cheek Conures make excellent pets for apartments - that is if the apartment owner allows them. They are quiet birds and don't have the loud scream of a macaw or sun conure. With proper care and diet, they can live between 25 and 30 years. Green Cheek Conures have multiple color mutations. Below are some of the mutations we breed.

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We have retired this pair from breeding.

The male, on the left, is a yellow sided green cheek. The female, on the right, is a sun cheek. Together they produce sun cheeks, dilutes, yellow sided, and pineapple chicks. This pair only produces 3 or 4 chicks a year and in a given year we may only get 1 or 2 sun cheeks.
This is a sun cheek chick from the pair above. He hatched in 2018 and is paired with a high red pineapple green cheek from the pair shown below.

He has been named Napoleon due to his big personality. He is paired with Josephine, a pineapple green cheek, pictured below.
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These are high red pineapple green cheeks. They are prolific breeders. Between 2018 and 2022, they laid 62 eggs with an almost 100% hatch rate. Their chicks tend to have even more red than they do. The chick shown below is one of theirs and she is paired with the male sun cheek shown above.
This beautiful girl is from the high red pineapple green cheeks shown above. She is paired with a sun cheek male from above.

She has been named Josephine and is paired with Napoleon, the sun cheek, pictured above.
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